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VXi V175 Wireless Headset a Great Low Cost Option for Desk Phones

6/14/2017 - 0 Comments
We have been testing VXi’s products ever since we signed up to be an authorized reseller and universally our staff has been impressed with the V175, VXi’s wireless headset that connects to desk phones, mainly because of the quality and range offered for such a low price (under $120!!!). A field-replaceable battery is another reason we recommend this headset to our customers who are looking for an entry level wireless option.

Set-up of the V175 is a breeze, using the included user manual found in the box with the headset. To test its range, we walked outside of our metal building – and it gave us a little more than 300 feet of wireless range! Warning beeps sound in your ear as you approach the maximum range away from the headset base.

The noise-cancelling microphone was phenomenal: while outside, a semi truck drove past and the person on the other end of the call could not hear it! Wind noise, too, was very minimal. We think the V175 can handle the background noises in your office effortlessly.

A single charge lets you talk all day and then some: up to 10 hours. You can answer and end calls, adjust the volume, and mute the call from the headset itself. Volume and mute are also available on the headset base.

The three wearing styles offer comfort plus. Staff members who wear eye glasses did not find the earhook option to be as comfortable as the headband style. Also available is the neckband, a flexible and lightweight band. It’s a lightweight, yet sturdy, headset piece.

To answer and end calls remotely, the purchase of an EHS cable or remote handset lifter is required. We love the design of the EHS cable as it fits underneath the base, so there are no messy cables snaking across your desk, getting tangled up with papers and your phone cords.

Did we mention the low price?!! Of course we did, and we’ll say it again!!! This wireless headset has an MSRP at just $129.99 making your price under $120!!! This is the lowest-priced wireless headset that we offer, and with all of the features, it seems as though this should cost more (however, we’re glad it doesn’t!)

An industry-standard 1-year warranty gives you peace of mind – and with Avcomm’s 30-day money-back trial, there’s no risk in trying this phenomenal V175 wireless headset! Ready to get started with wireless? Give us a call: 1-866-998-9991!


Does Anyone Even Care Anymore? WE DO!!!!

5/30/2017 - 0 Comments
As we have navigated and observed the world of customer service recently (through various personal issues such as broken washing machines, trying to cancel auto ship orders, and tuning into news and social media reports), we are once again struck by the differences between us versus them: here at Avcomm, we care. And sadly, we are finding more often than not, that other companies just don’t.

What does the customer experience look like when a company truly cares?
  1. Inquiries are answered timely and the customer isn’t expected to wait on hold.
    When you call Avcomm, you will not be left hanging on hold for over an hour (yes, this happened to us recently!). Typically, your call is answered within the first several rings; if not, leave us a voice mail, and we will call you back right away! We promise. When you use our “Chat” feature, rest assured you will be answered immediately. It’s disappointing and frustrating to have to wait … and wait … and wait … Can you imagine being expected to wait in a chat for 25 minutes or longer? Well, it happened this week to one of our team members. True story!

  2. It is clearly evident that the employee knows their stuff.
    Avcomm fully trains our staff to know the products and business processes inside and out. Not only do we know enough to provide the best product recommendations, but we also offer full tech support! We know our products, we know our customers, and what we don’t know, we find out (see #4).

  3. The company doesn’t try to sell you something that you don’t need.
    Avcomm doesn’t offer incentives or commission to our employees for their sales. This might surprise you, but it’s true! Knowing we’ve helped our customer make the right purchase and that their work life will be better because of it, is what’s most important to us. And, if we recommend an additional item with your purchase, it’s because we truly think you would benefit from it and should take it into consideration.

  4. Concerns are addressed immediately and a resolution is made.
    It’s important to Avcomm Solutions that our customers have the product they need and are extremely satisfied. We are on the case until the case is closed – think of us as the Nancy Drews of the headset world. Just like Nancy solves the case (for example, “The Bungalow Mystery,” where Nancy digs up the truth in a bungalow cellar) – we find what you need: whether it’s answers, product, tech help, and more.

  5. The customer feels appreciated and happy.
    We are committed to building positive relationships with our customers. Relationships that last a lifetime. We do not base our success upon the amount of the sale, but upon the fact that we have loyal customers who buy from us, year after year after year.

  6. While we’ve seen some rough times in the world of customer service lately, we would never want your experience with us to be negative.

    Doesn’t it feel good to know that someone still cares?


Jabra Evolve 75: Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headset

5/24/2017 - 0 Comments
Jabra has added the Evolve 75 headset to its Evolve series, and it was worth waiting for! Incorporating Active Noise Cancelling in the ear cups (like the Evolve 80), with a lighter weight fit and feel (similar to the Evolve 65), we believe that this headset will be a valuable asset to many — in the office and on the go.

First, take a look at the premium hard-sided case that the Evolve 75 comes in. Imagine you're on a plane, and you've just touched down, so it's time to put your headset, phone, and book away. This case with molded inserts makes it easy to store the headset, and is protected by the hard outer shell. The easy-to-zip zipper is smooth to operate, and individual storage areas for the charging cord, and dongle, keep the case organized.

Next, the Active Noise-Cancelling is the real deal. In our testing, we could not hear ourselves talk when we were wearing the headset and the ANC was on. To quickly listen to the surrounding environment, simply press the Listen In button on the ear cup.

Choose the version with the charging stand, or the version without the charging stand. We think you will like the charging stand version for your desk, as it’s a handy place to not only charge the headset, but also to store it when you’re not wearing the Evolve 75. (On a side note, Jabra recently came out with charging stands for the Evolve 65 headsets.)

The Jabra Evolve 75 is available in 4 variants:

With Charging Stand (MSRP: $329):
UC version 7599-838-199
MS version7599-832-199
Without Charging Stand (MSRP: $279):
UC version7599-838-109
MS version7599-832-109

To learn more about the Evolve 75, and which variant would be best for you, Chat us right now!


Speak 710 the Newest Member of the Jabra Speak Family

5/10/2017 - 0 Comments

Jabra continues to build upon the success of the Speak family with its newest offering, the Speak 710. The Speak 710 takes wireless collaboration to the next level with its Link feature, which doubles the coverage, without cords! Simply press this Link button on the primary unit and follow the quick, simple voice commands to pair two units together. Jabra states that a single unit is designed to support up to 6 people, and double that when linking two units together. In the testing we’ve done both in house and in demonstrations, we have found that the mic pick up and the speaker volume far exceeded the recommended guidelines by Jabra

The portable unit is perfect for offices and conference rooms.

The high quality, powerful sound makes the Speak 710 a true speaker for music. In fact, it has up to double the sound of the Jabra Speak 510, Jabra's market-leading speakerphone. Play music from the music library on your smartphone or tablet, or stream music from an on-line site.

“People are increasingly choosing light-weight and compact products that provide portability and ease of use. Research has shown that the majority of conference phones are actually used for personal use. The Jabra Speak 710 offers extended mobility and combines it with an immersive audio and true music experience. This makes the device the perfect partner and music companion for business leaders and C-level executives,” states Holger Reisinger, VP for Business Solutions at Jabra.

As with the other Speak products, the USB cord is attached to the speakerphone and wraps around the bottom of the device for clean, easy storage. The integrated folding stand is easy to open. Touch the top of the foldable stand - just once - and it will pop out of the back. We tried to dig the bottom of the stand out of the back with limited success, so when we were told about this remarkable design feature, we were amazed! A Link 370 dongle is included with the Speak 710, and is housed in the back of the speakerphone.

You can personalize your Speak 710 with MS Cortana, Siri or Google Now as well! With the one touch Smart Button, interacting with your digital assistant is a breeze. Add more smart functionalities through SDK for 3rd party integration. For example, push the smart button to dim conference room lights.

The call controls are embedded in the face of the unit. You can personalize your Jabra Speak 710 using the Jabra Direct software, which is a free download at jabra.com/direct

The Jabra Speak 710 lasts for up to 15 hours of talk time. It takes approximately 4 hours to charge using the USB cable. A nice feature: the USB cord carries the audio path while recharging the 710 at the same time.

A neoprene travel pouch is included, for maximum portability and protection of the device. The Speak 710 is available in both UC and Microsoft Skype for Business variants.

Contact us today if you'd like to learn more about the Speak 710, or other Speak family devices.


Which Wireless Headsets Have Field-Replaceable Batteries?

5/2/2017 - 0 Comments
Wireless headsets are one of the most important tools on your desk at work. The ability to multitask is a requirement today, as phone calls and simultaneous computer data entry are a must for most jobs. When you consider the need for quick team collaboration or consultation, access to the local printer, or the capability to simply get up and stretch, everyone should have a wireless headset.

Wireless headsets connect to desk phones, PCs and smart phones/tablets. Many even offer numerous connection points, eliminating the need for multiple headsets. They come with a variety of wearing styles, and of course, a variety of price ranges. The most economic headset may not be the right headset for your needs, so it's important to think through the use of the headset, the environment where it will be used, and more.

One of the best features of a wireless headset we believe is the convenience of changing the battery. When we refer to a “field replaceable battery” we mean one that you, as the user, can change out yourself. It does not require the entire headset piece to be sent into the manufacturer for replacement. Why is this important? After about 2 years, the battery will degrade and you may notice the decrease in its talk time. You may also experience staticky calls, a microphone that won't "talk" anymore, or calls that drop for no reason. These are just some of the scenarios that could be battery-related, and are definitely worth checking into.

The cost of a replacement battery runs anywhere from $13-$30, depending upon the brand and model of your headset.

Here’s a quick reference to help guide you to the correct replacement battery for your wireless headset.

Pro 9450 Flex BoomReplacement Battery
Pro 9450 Midi BoomReplacement Battery
Pro 9450 DuoReplacement Battery
Pro 9460Replacement Battery
Pro 9465Replacement Battery
Pro 9470Replacement Battery
Pro 9125 FlexReplacement Battery
Pro 9125 DuoReplacement Battery
Savi 410/Savi 410-MReplacement Battery
Savi 420/Savi 420-MReplacement Battery
Savi 440/Savi 440-MReplacement BatteryReplacement Battery with On/Off Switch
Savi 445/Savi 445-MReplacement BatteryReplacement Battery with On/Off Switch
Savi 710/Savi 710-MReplacement Battery
Savi 720/Savi 720-MReplacement Battery
Savi 740/Savi 740-MReplacement BatteryReplacement Battery with On/Off Switch
Savi 745/Savi 745-MReplacement BatteryReplacement Battery with On/Off Switch
CS510Replacement Battery
CS520Replacement Battery
CS540Replacement Battery
SD Pro 1/ SD Pro 1 MLReplacement Battery
SD Pro 2/SD Pro 2 MLReplacement Battery
SD Office/SD Office MLReplacement Battery
D10 PhoneReplacement Battery
D10 USB/D10 USB MLReplacement Battery
V175Replacement Battery
V200Replacement Battery
V300Replacement Battery

If you are using a headset that is discontinued, we have not included them on this list. Please contact us if you have an older model headset, and we can determine if a battery is available. Call us at 1-866-998-9991.


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