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Say What? ActiveGard and other technologies provide hearing protection for heavy phone users

6/30/2014 - 0 Comments
Did you know that headsets can provide hearing protection for the safety and well being of your employees?

Contact center agents, 911 dispatchers, and those who talk on the phone for the majority of their workday are at a higher risk of exposure to acoustic bursts. An acoustic burst is a sudden and unexpected variation in volume level. Noise hazards include white noise, spikes, shrill alarms, fax machine signals and more. When these hazards occur, we cannot react fast enough to pull the receiver away from our ears. Over time, these acoustic bursts can lead to acoustic shock, which causes ear pain, headaches, tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and even permanent hearing loss.

The United States and the European Union have issued guidelines to protect workers' hearing. The EU Noise at Work Directive defines two critical levels for noise exposure throughout a working day. For up to 80dB(A) the employer has no obligations. Between 80dB(A) and 85dB(A) the employer should offer hearing protection and education. For levels exceeding 85dB the employees must be provided with, and wear, hearing protective equipment. For leading U.S. recommendations, the upper maximum exposure limit is 85 dB(A) (time weighted average over a full working day).

Avcomm Solutions offers three major headset brands: Jabra, Sennheiser and Plantronics. The manufacturers build their headsets with the technologies needed to protect wearer's hearing.

Jabra contact center and office headsets have SafeTone hearing protection, which offers PeakStop and Intellitone technologies, to eliminate potentially harmful sound spikes. PeakStop actively protects the user by keeping the absolute sound level and the energy of the peak in the safe zone at all times, preventing potentially harmful sound from reaching the ear. Intellitone regulates the average sound level down to 85dB.

All Sennheiser contact center and office headsets are equipped with ActiveGard, a patented technology that actively guards your hearing from acoustic bursts or shocks. ActiveGard limits the sound pressure at a level of 103dB (EU and US regulations say maximum 118dB) and reduces and removes dangerous energy from an acoustic burst. It also eliminates the distortion from an excessive incoming signal.

Plantronics contact center and office headsets offer Sound Guard, SoundGuard Plus or SoundGuard Digital technologies, as well as Anti-Startle to protect the headset wearer from sudden loud sounds. AudioIQ and ClearLine technologies are additional hearing safeguard technologies found in Plantronics products. Multistage and limiting technologies ensure hearing is protected during each call.

Another tool in protecting agents' hearing is audio processors, or amplifiers. These offer additional hearing protection technology to enhance the protections found in the headset. Used together, clear conversations, hearing protection, and the best in functionality for corded headsets is possible.

The variety of headset and amplifier options available on the market today can be confusing to operations directors, contact center managers, and purchasing agents. Contact us at Avcomm Solutions for help in choosing the right set-ups for your organization, and most importantly, your agents. Their hearing safety depends on it!

For more information about hearing technologies, follow the links provided here:




Incentives in the Call Center Environment

6/26/2014 - 0 Comments
Angela Garfinkel's recent blog post about the 3 types of employee motivation programs for call center agents provided guidelines for programs that work – in both the short- and long-term. How and when to offer these programs is critical in their overall success toward meeting goals and enhancing productivity in call centers. Another key factor is what to offer for incentives. We gathered a list of ideas for incentives that have had success in various organizations. We would also love to hear about programs that your organizations have implemented that were proven to be beneficial. Please share your successes in our Comments section.

These ideas are listed in order of least to more expensive:
Choice to work on projects they prefer. When an agent has met goals and earned the incentive, giving them a choice in the work that they do helps agent feel in control, and promotes buy-in and interest.

Certificates referring to goal met. Certificates can then be posted in the agent's work space, or a community area, such as break room.

Employee of the Month Parking Spot. This is a particularly valuable incentive if your organization has a large parking lot, and a parking space close to the building would be desirable.

Shift bids. This is an easy one: give agents the chance to bid on a preferred shift time before other employees can bid.

Favorite candy or soda.

Complimentary team lunch. This can be a catered lunch on site, or if possible, meet the team at a restaurant and spend an hour or two eating and getting to know each other.

Money. We found an anecdote on the Internet about a manager who spent his incentive budget on currency in denominations of $1, $5, $20, and $50 bills. Employees would reach in the bag to select their reward. People who selected the $50 got cheers, and the ones who got $5 knew that there were still $50 bills left in the bag!

Company gear. Items such as clothing, mugs, or office supplies can be nice incentives.

Goody bags of useful tools for desk or home. Tape, mini staplers, Post-It notes are a few ideas.

One extra 15-minute break time the day they meet goal. This can provide a nice change of pace for a day.

Small tokens/prizes. Koosh balls, small photo albums, crossword puzzle books or a decorative item for the agent's workspace can be a nice reminder of accomplishment while agents are on calls.

Afternoon snack from a fully-equipped snack cart. How fun to have a cart roll past your desk at an appointed time and you get to choose any snack from the cart!

Gift certificates for massages, manicures, pedicures, movie passes. This idea works if your agents would value these types of gift certificates.

Gift cards to favorite stores or restaurants. Amounts can range from $5 (meeting a daily goal) up to $50.

Fun team activity. Bowling, miniature golfing, volunteering together on a Habitat for Humanity build, attending a hockey game or other sporting event, are just some activities that could build team morale.

Flexible hours, paid time off. This incentive involves your workforce management team, and would be more difficult to implement. For some agents, time is their most valuable resource; giving them some flexibility in their schedule, or an extra day off, could be a powerful motivator to reach goals.

This is not a comprehensive list of incentives, and we are always interested in hearing from you! Have you tried any of these incentives? Do you have a tried and true incentive that works well for your agents? Click on the orange Comments tab at the top of this post and please share your thoughts!


B2B Telemarketing Motivational Ideas That Work

6/19/2014 - 0 Comments
Experts estimate the onboarding process of new call center agents can cost up to $10,000 per new hire. The recruiting process brings qualified call center agents to your organization; the training and mentoring processes integrate the agent into the organization's methods, procedures and beliefs; and strategic employee motivation programs can keep the agent feeling valued and appreciated. Call centers that overlook the human side of working will find the recruiting and training processes occurring more frequently than organizations that take the time to implement incentive programs. Great B2B Telemarketing employee motivation programs include 3 major components:

    1) Short-term: It is critical to provide specific, measurable and attainable goals to your B2B telemarketing call center agents on a daily basis. If the overall goal of the program is not attainable because a rep is newer or for reasons out of the call center rep's control, be sure to adjust your goals so that they are attainable by each person on the team. If you're afraid of the team shooting too low, set both a goal and a super goal. Super goal is usually about 25% higher than goal.

    Be sure you are clear and specific about your expectations for accomplishment for that day and provide updates throughout the calling shift regarding actual performance and what level of performance is needed to finish at goal for the shift.

    Periodically it works really well to provide a daily incentive to help boost performance over the top, particularly if you've had a couple of bad days in a row or have hit a plateau in performance. Be careful about overdoing daily incentives with your B2B telemarketing agents though because they will stop working if they are expected and not special.

    2) Long-term: In a call center, I consider long-term to be a monthly incentive/recognition program. A month may not seem like a long time, but when you consider the real-time changes that the B2B telemarketing call center agents are dealing with, a month can be a considerable amount of time. I recommend that there be two levels of incentive/recognition on a monthly basis. One recommendation is setting a team goal and then rewarding the team for achieving their goal and also reward individuals for their individual contributions. Don't just give a top prize to the best seller each month though because it will end up demotivating the people who continuously end up as #2 or #3 and you need the entire team to feel like they are contributing and being rewarded appropriately.

    3) Ad-hoc: What gets measured gets done. What gets rewarded and recognized gets done well. When you identify a specific area of opportunity with your B2B telemarketing agents (closing %, average order size, upsell %, etc.), a great way to get specific focus on improvement is through an ad-hoc incentive/recognition program focused on improvement in the focus area. I like the "Beat Your Best" contest where each B2B telemarketing rep is given an opportunity to earn recognition/incentives based on exceeding their best number(s) they have had within the past week, past month, etc. This gets people individually focused on improving and it will impact your team's performance overall.
By balancing the short-term, long-term and ad-hoc incentives and recognition programs, you will be rewarded with sustained levels of performance with your B2B telemarketing programs.

The author of this article, Angela Garfinkel, is the President and Founder of Quality Contact Solutions. Quality Contact Solutions offers B2B telemarketing solutions that achieve sales results.


Introducing the Jabra LINK 265, a first in class USB training Y-cord

6/13/2014 - 0 Comments
The Jabra LINK 265 is a brand new USB connection Y-training cable that boosts productivity and streamlines the equipment needed for training. This is a unique product in the market for training purposes. Not only does it allow two Jabra Quick Disconnect (QD) style headsets to connect to one PC, but it also provides inline volume and mute control, as well as customization of buttons based upon user preference. Call center agents, trainers, and supervisors alike will appreciate the ease of use of the LINK 265.

*Please note that the "X" and triangle buttons are programmable and can be set according to your preference through PC Suite. The functionality of these programmable options is dependent upon the softphone that is being used. The first time you plug in the LINK 265 to the USB port on your computer, the three round buttons light up green. The audio-link status button turns to red and the others turn off.

You'll also notice that each side of the Y cord is tagged with a different color: green and red. The green side allows for voice transmission at all times and has the option of being muted. The red side is designed for the supervisor/trainer to connect to and is muted by default (red light around audio-link status button indicates mute). Should the supervisor need to activate or unmute their microphone, simply press and hold the audio-link status button on the LINK 265 for 1-2 seconds, until the light turns green. The supervisor is now live and able to join the conversation. To mute the supervisor's side again, hold the same button for 1-2 seconds, and the light will turn red.

Mute both headset microphones at the same time by pressing the Mute button.

Two additional features worth mentioning:
  1. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) removes background noise and echo, as well as protects users against sudden high peaks in volume.
  2. HD Voice – Wideband Audio is high quality audio for crystal clear, intelligible conversations. Life-like, vibrant conversations help you to focus on the content of the conversation.

Your agents' safety is a priority for Jabra. The LINK 265 has Jabra SafeTone™, including Jabra PeakStop and Jabra IntelliTone™, the enhanced hearing protection technology. These technologies prevent stress and hearing injuries. The LINK 265 delivers acoustic shock protection and is compliant with the Noise at Work legislation in the EU.

If your organization is looking for workplace flexibility – such as hot desking – the LINK 265 is an ideal connector. Free and downloadable Jabra Direct and Jabra Xpress software allow you to set up and personalize devices in a minimal amount of time.

Here's a quick view at the many options that the LINK 265 programmable buttons offer through Jabra Direct:

We tested the LINK 265 using Vidyo, our in-house videoconferencing solution. During the call, we transitioned from one headset live, to two, and then back to one. The process was seamless. The lighted buttons are the perfect size – not too big, nor too small. The conversation was clear and voices were easy to hear. The LINK 265 passed our test with flying colors!

This USB training Y-cord streamlines the equipment needed for your training needs; provides inline call controls with the ability to toggle the mute microphone function between both headsets; and utilizes the no-cost Jabra Direct and Jabra Xpress software. Jabra packed this training Y-cord with functionality and compatibility, making this an easy choice for training with your PC softphones. Contact us for more information about the LINK 265!


Treat Dad to Some Great Tech Gifts!

6/9/2014 - 0 Comments
Father's Day is Sunday, June 15, and it's time to celebrate Dad. This year, forgo the tie, grilling set, or other standard 'Dad' gift, and take a look at these amazing tech ideas! Both of these products are Bluetooth enabled to give Dad the flexibility and freedom to talk and work on the go.

Smart Headset for your Smartphone
Our first suggestion, the Plantronics Voyager PRO HD, is so smart that by simply placing it on your ear, it automatically answers your phone or transfers calls back and forth between your phone and headset. The Smart Sensor technology knows whether to send calls to your phone or your headset. Stream music podcasts, GPS directions and other audio when not on calls; pausing the audio when calls come in, or when the headset is taken off. Voice alerts announce talk time, volume, connection, and more. The headset battery meter automatically shows onscreen for iPhone and iPad; with the free Plantronics MyHeadset app, the battery headset meter is available on Android 3.0 tablets and Android 4.0 phones and tablets. The MyHeadset app also gives you tips, tricks and tools for Android smartphones. The HD streaming audio plus natural sound and superior comfort make this Bluetooth headset a solid gift for Dad.

From the Plantronics web site, a reviewer named Keith, a long haul trucker, states: 'I bought this to replace my worn out vpro out of all the Bluetooth headsets I've tried the pro series has been the best! The hd is no exception I drive a truck and this does fantastic at blocking out truck noise. I highly recommend this product.'

Speakerphone turns any room into a conference room
Now, if it's a speakerphone you're considering, the Jabra Speak 510 is a great answer to the question: 'What do you buy for the Dad who has everything?' For those dads who 'take meetings' ' even when they're on vacation, driving in their vehicles, or at the office ' and want to keep their hands-free, this speakerphone is the perfect solution for audio conferencing on demand! The compact and lightweight design, with an integrated USB cable management for quick set-up, includes a protective neoprene travel case. The Speak 510 series offers variants for Microsoft Lync, with the Speak 510+ offering a Link 360 dongle for cord-free connection to a PC.

When Dad isn't using the speakerphone for calls, music and other multimedia can be streamed. The 360-degree omnidirectional microphone allows attendees to hear and be heard from all angles. The rechargeable battery offers 15 hours of talk time; recharge the device with the USB cable, or add on the AC adaptor as an additional purchase. For additional setting options and to keep the product's firmware up to date, we recommend downloading Jabra's FREE PC Suite software. For a more detailed product review, see our blog post here.

We know that your Dad is unique, and maybe these ideas aren't the right fit for him. Give us a call at 1-866-998-9991 and we'll be happy to find the perfect gift guaranteed to make your Dad smile! And, when you use the shipping code DAD, your U.S. shipping is on us ' so you'll be smiling too!


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