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Office Etiquette You Need to Know

1/30/2017 - 0 Comments
A new job can be fraught with anxiety as each office has new people, new expectations and a chance to make a great first impression that stays with you throughout your tenure at the organization. And we're not even referring to the actual job tasks, which can bring more anxiety as you work to meet the expectations laid out before you. No pressure, right?!

A professional office or contact center environment can be one of the best places to work, if you play the game. And, while each environment varies, there are some tried and true etiquette rules that you must remember. Here's what made our short list:

    1. Cutting fingernails at your desk is a definite no.
    2. Loud conversations on the phone or with co-workers is distracting to others not a part of the conversations. If you often find yourself unable to tune out those ambient noises, you might want to invest in a good headset with active noise cancellation. Read our blog post with recommendations for some great ANC headset options.
    3. Sharing too much personal information may cause your co-workers to feel uncomfortable. Save those discussions for after hours.
    4. Pay attention to the office dress code. Do not "out dress" your manager; if he is not wearing a 3-piece business suit, then you should not, either. Follow his lead. By the same token, do not "underdress;" meaning, no yoga pants, sweatpants, or pajama pants.
    5. Kindness rules the day. Your co-workers are going to make mistakes, and so are you! Compassion saves relationships. You should never raise your voice, or yell and scream at someone.
    6. Deliver what you promise.
    7. Remember the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated.

This staff training video from DFW adds some great tips and is a quick, 3-minute reminder. Check it out!

Office Etiquette - Staff Training Film - October 2014 from Natalie Blass on Vimeo.

What would you add to this list of office etiquette tips? Reply on the Comments tab, above.


Learn This Skill for Career Success

1/23/2017 - 0 Comments
What's the #1 skill that will raise your value by 50%, according to Warren Buffett? A recent Inc. post states the Buffett believes being a good public speaker brings dividends that, with an investment of time and effort, will pay off in the long run. He's in good company: a survey by Prezi revealed that 70% surveyed agree that public speaking and presentation skills are critical for career success, according to Forbes.

So what does that mean for the average worker? It's time to brush up on, or learn, the important art of public speaking. Speaking in front of other people can cause some to break out in a cold sweat — and they would prefer unpleasant medical procedures to subjecting themselves to the eyes of a judgmental audience.

If you weren't fortunate enough to participate in Speech and Debate at your high school, Toastmasters International is a nonprofit organization with a mission in communication and leadership development. With almost 16,000 clubs worldwide to choose from, find one close to home and join others who want to improve themselves and their speaking skills. Practice makes perfect, and with continuous chances to give speeches, the Toastmasters provide plenty of hands-on experience and feedback. Groups typically meet on a weekly basis.

If you just don't have the time to attend weekly meetings, a quick search of the Internet brings up books, YouTube videos and much more with tips and tricks for public presentations. If you need inspiration on how to write a speech, American Rhetoric Top 100 Speeches of All Time features some of the most well known speeches of the past century by former presidents, civil rights leaders and more.

A few public speaking no-no's:

    1. Stiff and unnatural body language
    2. Reading the speech, or the PowerPoint slides, verbatim. There's nothing more boring than the speaker reading the entire presentation word for word.
    3. Not making eye contact with audience members.
    4. Memorizing the speech so that it feels rehearsed.
    5. Low energy. Speaking in a monotone voice, standing (or worse, sitting!) in a single spot, and no facial expressions will send your audience to sleep!
In other words, be relatable, speak clearly and loudly, and look at your audience, picking up on their nonverbal cues to adjust your talk as needed. Most experts agree that the most important trait for successful public speaking is to be authentic. Confidence will take you far in the public speaking game: Never let 'em see you sweat!

We wish you much luck and success as you take the fast track to career success by learning one very important skill: Public Speaking!


Plantronics Discontinues Entera Series

1/19/2017 - 0 Comments
Plantronics has announced that the Entera series will no longer be manufactured, and is only available while supplies last. The Entera series has been a standard in USB headsets for offices and contact centers for years.

Recommended Replacement: EncorePro USB Series

The recommended replacement is the new EncorePro USB series. The updated technology, body style and call controller with rocker-style buttons are easy to use and comfortable, too.

The laser-welded construction improves long term reliability. Aircraft-grade aluminum makes the headsets strong, yet lightweight - perfect for all-day use.

The headband has 6 degrees of adjustment and a re-designed super soft foam ear cushion that covers the ear. Premium leatherette ear cushions are available as an optional accessory.

The EncorePro is the benchmark in headset design, winning an iF Design Award in 2015. The single piece, unibody style microphone boom with tactile and visual positioning is virtually break-free. The aircraft grade structural aluminum joints provide another point of strength.

Discontinued Replacement
Mono Entera USB UC EncorePro 515 USB
Mono Entera USB for Microsoft Lync N/A
Duo Entera USB UC EncorePro 525 USB
Duo Entera USB for Microsoft Lync N/A

Contact our Customer Care Team to discuss which headset is right for you! 1-866-998-9991


Highlights of 2016

12/28/2016 - 0 Comments


Can I Change the Battery in my Bluetooth Headset? and Other Frequently Asked Questions

12/16/2016 - 0 Comments
1. My favorite Bluetooth headset loses power quickly and the headset "dies" in the middle of a conversation. Can I replace the battery?

Typically, batteries cannot be replaced in Bluetooth headsets; however, this is dependent upon the headset you’re using. Contact us and we can help determine if a replacement battery is available for your BlueParrott, Jabra, Plantronics, Sennheiser or VXi headset.

2. The ear hook that came with my Bluetooth headset has been lost. Are there replacement ear hooks* available? *Or: ear gels, power cords, connection cables etc.

Yes, we have lots of accessories for your Bluetooth headset. Simply find your headset by using the “Search” bar on our web site, find your headset, and click on the product listing. Once there, select the “Accessories” tab at the bottom of the product page. A complete list of available accessories will be displayed. If your headset has been discontinued, don’t despair! We have accessories for some older model headsets – simply give us a call (866-998-9991) and we can help.

3. How do I pair my Bluetooth headset with a smart phone or tablet?

No matter which device you’re using, you will need to enable Bluetooth in the Settings menu of your device and your headset will need to be powered “on” and be placed in pairing mode. That way, the headset and phone/tablet can communicate and connect (or, pair). Follow the prompts on the smart phone/tablet and pairing is complete.

NFC (Near Field Communication) pairing is also available for some phones, and headsets. Contact us for additional help with pairing/connecting your Bluetooth headset to your smart device.

4. Is there a way to change the wearing style of my Bluetooth headset?

This is dependent upon the headset that you choose. Some headsets offer a choice in wearing styles; while others may have an add-on piece that can be purchased.

5. Can I use my Bluetooth headset with my laptop/PC?

Yes, provided you have a UC version of the headset. In plain English, a “UC version” is enabled to connect to a PC/laptop via the included Bluetooth dongle that will plug into your laptop/PC via USB. The dongle must be paired to the headset out of the box. Contact us to ensure you have a UC headset.

Bluetooth headsets are incredibly useful, and more intelligent than ever, with voice activated commands in some models. When you have the right tools, taking and making calls, listening to music, and participating in webinars become second nature. Take advantage of these headsets to streamline your work and life! And with all of the wearing options available, the right headset is just waiting for you.

Contact us at 1-866-998-9991 and we can determine the best Bluetooth headset for your needs.


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