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Connect a Bluetooth Headset to Desk Phone with Plantronics MDA200

11/17/2016 - 0 Comments
A recipe for Unified Communications success: Take your existing headset, add in the MDA 200, and you get up to 3 connection options – the Plantronics MDA200 connects QD and USB headsets to both desk phones and PCs/softphones, with simple plug-and-play setup. If your headset is a Bluetooth UC version, here’s your third option: connect the Bluetooth headset to the MDA200 and you can make calls on your desk phone! Revolutionary!

Businesses that are transitioning to softphones, yet need to keep a connection to the desk phone, will appreciate this nifty device that functions as a switcher and amplifier. And, with the overwhelming prevalence of the open office environment, we have customers ask if they can get an Active Noise Cancelling headset to use with their desk phone; with the MDA200, this is possible! Two options are the pictured Blackwire 725 (corded USB) or the Voyager Focus (wireless Bluetooth UC).

The MDA200 is a future-proof investment in your Unified Communications toolbox, with firmware updates to keep the MDA200 up-to-date and always compatible.

Be aware that Plantronics has verified only certain headsets for use with the MDA200; however, in our small scale testing, we found that the MDA200 is compatible with other brands of headsets.

In our testing, we used a Plantronics Voyager Focus Bluetooth UC headset, a Plantronics SupraPlus 251N QD headset with DA80 USB processor, a Jabra Stealth UC Bluetooth headset, and a Jabra Evolve 40 corded USB headset. We connected the headsets to desk phone, PC, and in the case of the Bluetooth headsets, to our smartphones. All four of these headsets worked well with the MDA200: We experienced great call quality from desk phone, PC and smartphone, and excellent sound when streaming music from both PC and smartphone.

The possibilities are nearly endless, and quite exciting for those looking to utilize one headset with all of their communication platforms. The MDA200 is buyable on its own here, or in 2 different bundle combinations: the Voyager Legend UC Bundle or the HL 10 Bundle.

Contact us to learn more about the MDA200! 1-866-998-9991


Jabra Noise Guide Increases Office Productivity - At a Glance!

11/9/2016 - 0 Comments
Open office arrangements are conducive to collaboration among colleagues; unfortunately, they are also conducive to distracting background noise! To increase productivity and promote effective sound management, the unique Jabra Noise Guide is a portable device that monitors noise levels in open office environments.

See noise levels fall. Feel productivity rise.
Similar to a traffic light, the Noise Guide provides immediate visual feedback on noise levels.

There are three colors:
Green: Go! Conversation is at an acceptable level.
Yellow: Caution! Noise levels are rising.
Red: Stop! Conversation is at an unacceptable level.

Customize sensitivity levels for specific needs. It is pre-set for "Noisy Office" but can be easily changed using the SoundEar 3 software (preloaded on the included USB stick) when the Noise Guide is connected to a PC.
Noise Level Setting Options:
Noisy Office:
•The device is lit green when the noise level is below 60 dB.
•The device is lit yellow when the noise level ranges from 60 dB to 70 dB.
•The device is lit red when the noise level exceeds 70 dB.

Normal Office:
•The device is lit green when the noise level is below 55 dB.
•The device is lit yellow when the noise level ranges from 55 dB to 65 dB.
•The device is lit red when the noise level exceeds 65 dB.

Quiet Office:
•The device is lit green when the noise level is below 50 dB.
•The device is lit yellow when the noise level ranges from 50 dB to 60 dB.
•The device is lit red when the noise level exceeds 60 dB.

You can also choose Customize Settings, to tailor the Noise Guide to your specific environment needs. Jabra suggests an average coverage area of 50 sq. feet.

Measure underlying noise trends. Measure and record daily noise levels over a period of up to three months, to help identify and track problem areas in your office.

Download noise data to a PC or a USB stick and analyze it using the special SoundEar 3 software.

The Noise Guide provides you with 2 types of measurements, simultaneously. The ear symbol indicates the state of the current noise level while the LED panel at the bottom of the device indicates the average noise level over the past 15 minutes.

Ensure you're using the latest software version by clicking on the “Software Update." The "Software Update" button links to the web site where you can find the latest software version. Always remember to update your Noise Guide with latest versions of both software (for your PC) and firmware (for the Noise Guide device).

What's in the box? The Noise Guide, USB Key with Software, Power Adapter, USB to micro USB cable

In addition to the Noise Guide, a steel cubicle mount or aluminum table stand, (at a cost of $55.00 each), must be purchased. The portability is a great feature! You can move the Noise Guide between departments, areas, or offices to take advantage of the device. The Table Stand has a table grip that secures the Noise Guide to the desk or table. The cubicle mount rests on top of a divider wall and is clamped into the side.

Now through the end of the year, Jabra is offering a FREE Noise Guide with purchase of 35 of any combination of the Evolve 40, 65, and 80 headsets. Contact us to learn more!


Diaz Elected to SOCAP International Board of Directors

11/8/2016 - 0 Comments
Congratulations to our Sara Diaz, who has been elected onto the SOCAP International Board of Directors! SOCAP (Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business) met recently for its annual conference in Orlando, Florida, where Sara was elected.

She is honored to serve SOCAP in this capacity. As a telecommunications expert and business partner, Sara understands the importance of technology and the role it plays within customer care. Sara is responsible for Avcomm’s Sales and Customer Support operations, as well as our Social Media Strategy and has been with Avcomm Solutions, Inc. for almost 10 years.

She has been an active SOCAP Member and Exhibitor since 2008 and has served on her local Heartland Chapter board in various chapter roles. Sara currently serves as the chapter’s Technology Officer.

To learn more about SOCAP, check out the SOCAP About Us page on their web site, or contact Sara at 1-866-998-9991.


Jabra Evolve 30 II Headsets Now Have 3.5 mm Jack

11/7/2016 - 0 Comments
How many workers report working outside of the office, at least part of the time?

According to Citrix, a staggering 61%. We would guess it could be even more! And, did you know that more than 3 audio devices are used daily for work activities?

Workers will find a cost-effective solution for managing multiple devices both inside and outside of work, with Jabra's updated Evolve 30 II headsets. In addition to the USB connection for your PC, you can pull the 3.5 mm connector out of the call controller and plug it into your mobile devices: smart phones and tablets.

The generously sized soft leatherette ear cushions and adjustable headband make the headset easy to wear all day. And to protect your headset, a soft carry pouch is included for storage and transport.

Noise cancelling microphones are standard to the Evolve series; background noise is all but eliminated when the mic is positioned properly. With plug and play ease of use, and a comfortable fit and feel at a great price, all recommend this updated headset for your work needs.

Evolve 30 II variants:
Evolve 30 II Mono UC
Evolve 30 II Mono MS
Evolve 30 II Duo UC
Evolve 30 II Duo MS

With Avcomm Solutions' exclusive promotion, new Jabra customers can buy 10 of these headsets, and get 1 free! Learn more about our promo here: Buy 10, Get 1 FREE Offer on Most Jabra Devices - Only at Avcomm.

Source: 7 Enterprise Mobility Statistics You Should Know


It’s Time to Celebrate: Customer Service Week

9/28/2016 - 0 Comments

Let’s party! Our customer care agents can be customers’ only connection to a company, and so it’s only fitting to celebrate our Brand Ambassadors with an entire week. This year, Oct. 3-7 has been set aside to honor these important people at our organizations. Keep reading for our take on some great ideas to help you celebrate.

The Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business (SOCAP International) put together a comprehensive list of ideas to mark the week in style. Click to view the list. SOCAP, an organization made up of customer care experts from across all industries, promotes customer care and customer engagement as a competitive advantage in business. We are proud to be SOCAP members!

SOCAP has partnered with Hallmark Business Connections to celebrate Customer Service Week to recognize and thank the thousands of professionals driving customer loyalty to your organization. #TellThemThx is the official hashtag to use when sharing the great things you’re doing for Customer Service Week.

We’ll highlight a few of their ideas, and throw some of our own into the mix.

How about creating a theme for the week? A few ideas that we’ve read about include Think Service, Commitment to Customers, One Team One Goal No Limits, and Customer Service Superstars. Or, come up with something that is relevant to your organization; for example, at Avcomm Solutions, our theme could be Headset (Super) Heroes. Use the theme throughout the week to delight your staff.

Some fun things to do during the week:

Dress Up Day: Pajama Day, Favorite Team, Celebrity Look-Alike, Hat Day, 1980s Day; Service Champions, etc. Be creative!

Feed the Staff: Bring in lunch for the staff, or have a potluck day; perhaps a snack would be better, and offer a buildable ice cream sundae bar with ice cream and tasty toppings (hot fudge, caramel sauce, maraschino cherries, sprinkles, fruits, whipped cream and more).

Office Olympics: Here at Avcomm, we hosted “Minute to Win It” games for our staff’s Office Olympics last month. Our games included Cookie Face (rolling an Oreo cookie down the face and into the mouth – without using hands); Stack ‘Em Up, using one hand to stack 25 pennies; Suck It Up, which required the transfer of M&M’s from one plate to another using a straw; and Movin’ On Up, where the competitors had to rotate through a stack of 25 red cups. The games are more difficult than they sound! Points were awarded to those who attempted the challenges, and to those who successfully completed the tasks in a minute. On the final day of competition, all competitors received a fun T-shirt that we designed in-house.

Small Gifts: Each day, hand out a piece of candy with a fun, related (customer service) phrase, such as a small bag of Tootsie Rolls with the tag: “Great Customer Service is How We Roll.” Or, instead, attach an inspirational customer service quote to the candy. Here are 100 Customer Service Quotes to get you started: 100 Inspirational Quotes.

Thank-You Notes: Administrators can write thank-you notes that share specific, personal reasons they are thankful that the agent is on staff. Another twist: ask employees to write thank you notes to each other, or to customers.

Make a Movie: Ask each employee the same question, such as “What does excellent customer service look like to you?” and compile answers into a movie to share with the staff during a team gathering during Customer Service Week.

Training: Perhaps a speaker, or a training video found on-line, can be a great reason to bring staff together and learn new techniques, or share an inspirational message to get the team pumped up.

We would love to hear how you’re planning to celebrate Customer Service Week by clicking on the Comments tab, above.


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