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BIZ2300 the New Leader in Contact Center Headsets

11/21/2014 - 0 Comments
The GN2000 series from Jabra has been a “go to” headset in contact centers for years … and has many devoted users. After almost 10 successful years on the market, the GN2000 series headsets are going to be discontinued. As of Dec. 31, 2014, the product line will be end of life with limited stock available. As vanguards in the headset industry, Jabra offers headsets with cutting edge technology and the latest style trends.

Jabra debuted the BIZ 2300 series headsets in January of this year, and suggests this series as the replacement for the GN2000s. This durable and reliable headset series is made for your brand ambassadors. Lightweight and ergonomic, the BIZ 2300 is perfect for all-day wear in contact centers, offices and more.

Versions in the BIZ 2300 series include two Quick Disconnect headsets – a mono ear and duo ear option – and four USB versions – two standard UC variants, and two which are optimized for use with Microsoft Lync, available in both mono and duo. The headset design features large conical ear cups that rest lightly on the ear for a lightweight feel. Foam ear cushions are standard; leatherette cushions are available as an extra purchase, if desired. The lightweight plastic and metal headband is easy to adjust and the Kevlar reinforced cords offer exceptional durability and withstand greater abuse.

Noise-cancelling microphones will allow your customers to hear you, and not the background noise of your co-workers’ conversations. The break-proof flex boom can be easily positioned toward the mouth and the 360-degree spin of the boom arm works well for any user. The microphone does not need an outer windscreen because of its unique Air Shock technology. When a microphone is placed too close to the mouth, you are likely to pick up respiratory noise. The Jabra BIZ 2300 microphone is designed aerodynamically, with many small perforations and includes a foam lining that reduces the penetration of air shocks to the microphone, which optimizes the call quality.

The USB versions have inline call controls: Answer, End, Mute and Volume controls with soft touch buttons that light up. Jabra PC Suite (read our blog post) and Jabra Xpress software systems are both available – at no charge – and will keep your headset updated with any firmware changes. Jabra Xpress mass deploys headsets with the correct settings in a matter of minutes. For more information about Jabra Xpress, check out our blog post here.

The QD headsets connect to any standard desk phone with the use of a Smart Cord or Jabra amplifier. We tested a BIZ 2325 headset with a LINK 850 amplifier, and then with a GN1200 Smart Cord, to our desk phones. The sound quality with both connections was crystal clear and callers were easy to understand with the duo ear headset. We found that having both ears covered with the headset helped us to focus on our callers, and not what was happening around us in our office. Oftentimes the headset stayed on our heads as we forgot we were wearing it!

The BIZ 2300 headsets offer a standard two-year warranty. If you are currently using the GN2000 series, Jabra is giving you the opportunity to try a BIZ 2300 headset FREE with this GN2000 Update Offer. This offer expires December 31, 2014, so you’ll want to take advantage of this soon!


Smaller, Slimmer, Lighter: Plantronics EncorePro HW540 Headset Has it All

11/12/2014 - 0 Comments
Plantronics has updated its EncorePro line with new headsets designed for all-day comfort and reliability. This new generation of headsets is designed for the future, with experience from the past. Balancing cost with best-practices, the EncorePro headsets deliver functionality and reliability at a reasonable price point. Headset wearing style is a matter of personal preference and comfort. With these headsets, customer service staff that spends the majority of their shift talking on the phone will value the comfort and fit of the new EncorePro headsets.

Available for purchase today are the HW530 and HW540 models; in December the HW510 and HW520 will be available. All of the models have a noise-cancelling microphone to ensure background noise won’t be conveyed to your caller.

The Avcomm staff tested the HW540 and loved the versatility of the 3 different wearing styles: ear hook, over-the-head and behind-the-neck. The HW540 will be universally accepted by your staff: it’s like getting 3 headsets in one box! And headset buying will be a breeze with the HW540 because you won’t have to purchase different headsets to match each user’s preference. Your staff will appreciate the changeability offered when they decide they don’t want to wear their headset over their ear and would rather use the behind-the-neck piece. It’s like wearing a new headset every day.

The neckpiece is made of lightweight flexible plastic that remains behind the head for all-day wearing. The ear pieces rest lightly on the ears without squeezing your ears to your head – perfect for eyeglass wearers. It’s a quick change to unsnap and then snap the earpiece into a new wearing style. The ear hook is flexible and can be molded to the ear, for complete wearing comfort and headset stability. And the traditional over-the-head wearing style is always a great choice.

Disconnect the QD cord and you can walk around the office without removing the headset. Plug the QD cord back in when you’re back to your desk, and you’re ready for your next call. You can use this headset with your smartphone, desk phone, an amplifier, or soft phone. The connection cord is personalized to your individual set-up and we help you determine the correct one.

    We also noticed:
  • Ear cushion is made of soft foam, and rests comfortably on the ear.
  • Flexible boom arm ensures the best positioning for the mic. Positioning guides are printed on the earpiece.
  • Impressive audio quality for clear calls. This is wideband compatible: if you are updating your phone system with wideband capability, your EncorePro headset is ready!
  • Aircraft grade aluminum, laser-welded construction and metal joints keep the headset lightweight and durable.
  • SoundGuard technology to protect your hearing.

  • What’s in the Box? Earpiece, over-the-head, behind-the-neck and over-the-ear wearing styles, Quick Start Guide, Safety Guide, Clothing Clip, White Carry Bag.

    Plantronics offers a two-year warranty on the EncorePro headsets. Learn more about the HW540 in this short video on YouTube:

    Would you like to try an EncorePro HW540? Which style would you wear the most?


Why Buy from an Authorized Headset Reseller?

10/24/2014 - 0 Comments
Dave needs to buy headsets for his office staff of 25, and chooses to look on the Internet to get the very best deal. After spending some time researching headsets on his own, he decides to buy them from an online retailer, under the impression he is getting a great deal.

First problem:
The time spent researching on his own. With staffing shortages and budget crunches, we are all doing more at work than we have in the past. The time allocated to learning a new industry (headsets) may be best spent on completing work tasks. Even after spending the time to research and learn about headsets, how can Dave be certain that he bought the correct headsets for his environment?

One size doesn’t fit all. Each environment is unique; choosing by price point or the appearance of a headset is not going to be the right answer. Online searches don’t always reveal the true product being sold (New vs. refurbished, single vs. dual speaker, connection type, etc.).

Second problem:
After placing the order, Dave realized that he had some questions and because he doesn’t have the contact information of a headset specialist at the company, he chooses to send a general inquiry email through the company’s website. Three days later, he still doesn’t have a response, and he really needs to have product in hand within a couple of days. To whom does he turn?

Third problem:
Dave was unaware of existing promotions that could have possibly saved his company thousands of dollars, a value for the customer that goes beyond the initial price tag of the product.

Resolution: Seek Expert Advice and Support from a Dedicated Headset Specialist.
High quality audio devices such as headsets, speakerphones, and USB video cameras are our specialty. As an authorized reseller, we know the wide variety of products available, we know how they work together, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Our trained team with their expertise does the research for you; no need to spend hours on the Internet trying to separate fact from fiction.

While most online retailers have an automated shopping cart and shipping system in place, eliminating the need for a live body, here at Avcomm we personally receive and review each order that comes in, before it goes out the door. This is in an effort to ensure that when our customer receives their order, they have everything they need to install it and begin using it immediately. Emails and phone calls are returned within hours – not days – of being received. All in-stock orders received by 3pm central are shipped out the very same day. Most of our customers’ jobs depend on high quality devices for communication and to go without, means money lost. We understand the importance of getting the right product in our customers’ hands from the start.

And, prompt assistance with warranty repair, set-up, and tech support, continues even years after the initial purchase.

A key benefit of working with an authorized reseller is being made aware of any possible discounts or promotions that either the reseller or manufacturer has available. Authorized resellers, like Avcomm Solutions, maintain close relationships with the manufacturers and make sure that our customers are well aware of all current promotions available.

Dave could have saved himself and the company lots of time, stress, and ultimately, money, if he had purchased his headsets from an authorized reseller. While the DIY sentiment might be the buzzword at home, when you’re looking for headsets, a specialized expert in the field is the best option. We will guide you through the maze of choices and lead you to a solution that fits. Let us know how we can help!


Jabra Evolve headsets offer evolutionary design and features

10/10/2014 - 0 Comments
Focus. Concentrate. Block interruptions. Eliminate distractions. The new Jabra Evolve series provides acoustic isolation for workers in noisy open office environments.

“The Jabra Evolve headsets create a complete personal concentration zone that boosts focus and work satisfaction for employees in increasingly open, loud and distracting workspaces,” said Holger Reisinger, Jabra senior vice president of marketing, products and alliances. “We have designed the Jabra Evolve series with both the employer and user in mind, delivering a vital solution to improve return on investment through increased workplace productivity and accelerated user adoption.”

The series of headsets include passive noise cancellation because of the specially designed speaker cushions. These ear cups are larger and are specially fitted to provide noise cancellation. The Evolve 80 has an around-the-ear design and a button to press for Active Noise Cancelling, which is fine-tuned for various noises found in office environments: air conditioners, PCs, and more. This type of active noise-cancelling is typically found in high-end music headphones and makes the Evolve 80 a market leader in office headsets.

Additionally, the headsets are fitted with noise-cancelling microphones so that your callers hear you, and not the background conversations of co-workers. In-line call controls for all of the models allow you to answer and end calls, adjust the volume or mute the microphone.

With the Evolve series, Jabra has several price points and features that should find mass appeal. Users who want to connect the headset to a smartphone or tablet can use the Evolve 40, Evolve 65 or Evolve 80. The basic model, Evolve 20, has foam ear cushions and USB connection and the Evolve 30 has leatherette cushions. The Evolve 40, 65 and 80 models have a busy light that can be pressed on the headset to signal to co-workers that you cannot be interrupted. The busy light also turns on and off automatically when you are on a call.

When you’re not on calls, listen to music. The Evolve 40, Evolve 65 and Evolve 80 headsets have a microphone boom arm that, when not in use, can be tucked away into the headband.

Still not sure which headset is best for you and your office? Contact us at 1-866-998-9991 and our experts will determine your perfect headset.


Jabra Xpress: Mass Headset Deployment Made Easy

9/24/2014 - 0 Comments
Your IT department will beg you to buy Jabra headsets once they know about Jabra Xpress, an industry-first, free web-based software package that quickly and accurately deploys and upgrades Jabra USB headsets and adapters, along with related utility software and Softphone drivers. Jabra estimates that in about 15 minutes, your headsets are deployed, configured to be aligned with corporate policies and ready for the end user! Jabra Xpress supports an unlimited number of users within your enterprise.

Before Jabra Xpress, the IT department could spend hours, and sometimes days (depending upon the number of headsets), to manually set up Jabra USB devices to each individual’s PC. Software and firmware upgrades then were either taken care of by the IT department after hours, or dependent upon the individual user’s manual intervention.

Using this online MSI configurator, software, firmware and settings are remotely deployed, thus ensuring each device has been updated, and correctly. MSI packages can be tailored for specific groups of users, to help them work most productively.

There are three tools that make up Jabra Xpress:
Xpress online tool – create an MSI package for mass deployment using industry-standard enterprise management tools such as SCCM. Your Jabra device firmware, settings, and software can be custom configured for your organization’s needs.
Jabra Device Updater – a windows application installed on an end user’s PC that governs Jabra device configurations (e.g. firmware version upgrade OR downgrade, device settings, etc).
Jabra WMI provider – a WMI provider that collects detailed information of Jabra devices (e.g. model name, firmware version etc.).

The WMI provider can capture information from every Jabra device and every previously connected Jabra device, which is great for an organization’s asset management. Information such as serial number, when the device was last updated, and which version they’re using, is available.

To use Jabra Xpress, Jabra Service Engineer Dennis Majikas says it’s as simple as creating the MSI file from the Jabra Xpress microsite and deploying the file via the corporate deployment software that’s normally used.

Another benefit of Jabra Xpress is that it’s always up-to-date.

“Updates happen in real time, so you’re always getting the latest and greatest,” said Majikas.

Since Jabra Xpress is based on standard Microsoft technology (MSI/WMI), it’s compatible with leading deployment systems such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), and will seamlessly integrate into your existing IT management infrastructure.

If your organization doesn’t utilize SCCM, the MSI file can be saved to a shared network folder and accessed from there, or sent as an email attachment. Changes to the MSI file can be made by modifying a previously created configuration.

Once the MSI file has been executed and the updates have been successful, the MSI file can be deleted. There is no footprint on the user’s computer.

The intuitive, user-friendly program offers a 3-page FAQ document that is continually updated with questions from current users of Jabra Xpress, and a 22-page User Guide that clearly explains the software package.

“The long term value at the end of the day demonstrates that it costs your company less to support Jabra products than others,” said Majikas.

To get started with Jabra Xpress, go to the Jabra Xpress microsite, click on the yellow "Get access" button and request a free login. Within a day or so, you will receive a confirmation email with username and password. You can immediately use Jabra Xpress, and access all documentation and presentation material.

To learn more about Jabra Xpress, you can watch the Jabra Xpress YouTube video.

Feel free to contact us here at Avcomm Solutions: 1-866-998-9991 and we can set up a personalized demonstration for you.


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