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My Back Hurts, My Shoulders Ache, My Neck is Sore ...

10/4/2013 - 0 Comments
Sound familiar? These complaints are the cry of office workers who spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, at their desks: facing computer screens, typing on keyboards, and answering phone calls. Other complaints include headaches, eye strain, and wrist pain. That achy, overtired feeling is real - not imagined - and should not be ignored. The science of ergonomics seeks to find the “sweet spot” between humans and machines to make working comfortable and efficient.

Work Hurts?

The value of an ergonomically-correct environment cannot be overstated! Companies that offer ergonomics committees, training sessions and simple tools to assist their workers provide benefits that may not carry a huge pricetag (OSHA estimates approximately $250 per worker), yet can pay big dividends. Comfortable workers equals superior efficiency and productivity.

According to Cami Knust, Licensed Physical Therapist at Memorial Physical Therapy in Aurora, NE, “having an efficient work station set-up is important in helping to reduce the amount of stress that can be placed on our bodies when we are sitting at a desk. It’s important to consider proper chair height and support, proper keyboard and monitor placement, as well as proper phone placement to minimize twisting and reaching across your desk.”

Headsets are an integral piece to the ergonomics puzzle. When the communication moves to the headset, the user becomes the center of the activity, which effectively increases their range of motion.

Take a look at the study conducted by Jabra regarding the use of headsets in an office environment: Researchers found that workers using a telephone handset – holding the phone between the neck and shoulder while operating a computer – for several hours every day, experience restrained movement and strenuous posturing when multitasking. After going hands-free with a headset, 52 percent of the participants experienced massive improvement and 26 percent said their work-related pain completely disappeared!

Did you know that October is National Ergonomics Month? Let’s Celebrate!

We’re giving away a Jabra PRO9450 Flex Wireless Headset System! Simply enter your contact information here and include one sentence within the “comments” section telling us how a wireless headset would increase your efficiency at work! Multiple entries will not be considered. Drawing will be held Nov. 1st and winner will be notified at that time.

To Shrug or Not to Shrug

Watch this fun 2-minute video for some basic tips on staying healthy at work:

Commit to implementing an ergonomics plan so that when you leave work each day, you have energy for the rest of your life!

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