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Adapt 360
EPOS Adapt 360 Bluetooth Headset, White
Part #: EP1000210
Manufacturer: EPOS
Mfr. SKU#: 1000210

Adapt 360 Adapt 360 Adapt 360
MSRP: $269.00
Price: $204.82

Coming Soon
Stay focused with ANC that reduces background noise, helps you concentrate in busy open offices and boosts productivity on-the-go. Ensure clear business calls with a solution optimized for UC and switch easily between devices as you multitask.

Concentrate in noisy environments
Reduce background noise and increase work focus, thanks to Active Noise Cancellation technology.

Switch effortlessly between your favorite devices
With multi-point connectivity to any two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

High-quality stereo sound and reliable performance
Stream stereo music at work or on your commute and benefit from up to 46 hours of battery life.

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Adapt 360

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