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MB 660 UC MS
Sennheiser Wireless Bluetooth ANC Headset for Microsoft Skype for Business
Part #: SE507093
Manufacturer: Sennheiser
Mfr. SKU#: 507093

MB 660 UC MS MB 660 UC MS MB 660 UC MS
MSRP: $399.00
Price: $399.00

The MB 660 UC MS comes with a Skype for Business Certified BTD 800 USB ML dongle for PC. It comes pre-paired, so you can simply plug n’ play with your MB 660 UC MS. With full call control optimized for Skype for Business, you can answer/end, mute, hold, reject and redial with a simple swipe or touch of a fingertip directly on the touch pad. When it comes to security, the BTD 800 USB ML exclusively supports audio (no data exchange is possible) – making it very secure for businesses.

Features and Benefits:
•Certified for Skype for Business – MB 660 UC MS headset and included PC dongle BTD 800 USB ML are Certified for Skype for Business.

•NoiseGard™ hybrid adaptive active noise cancellation – constantly monitors the background environment for ambient noises and adjusts the level of noise reduction in your headset.

•SpeakFocus™ technology – with 3 digital microphones enhances voice clarity in all sound environments and provides the user with consistently clear sound.

•Advanced Own-Voice-Detector – optimizes speech intelligibility and reduces distracting background noises.

•WindSafe™ technology – reduces wind noise in outdoor situations.

•Room Experience™ technology – for a more realistic sound and increased call comfort.

•Sound effect modes – Club, Movie, Speech (pre-set), Director (default) for a personalized listening experience.

•Battery time – up to 30 hours* long performance.

•Tap-to-pair – with the built-in NFC** function, you can tap your phone to pair your MB 660 UC instantly with your device.

•Touch pad – simple swipes and taps for call and media control.

•Multiple connection options – adapters and cables included for wireless, wired and in-flight connectivity.

•USB cable with micro-USB connector – for convenient charging or using the headset as a wired headset for communication and multimedia.

•Folding & Storing – easy on/off by turning the ear cups. Foldable design for compact storage.

* Up to 30 hours when connecting the headset via cable and engaging noise cancellation. Around 20 hours when connecting the headset via Bluetooth and engaging noise cancellation. The exact operating time is influenced by factors such as the audio and background noise volume.

** Device dependent
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MB 660 UC MS

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