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Yamaha Voice Communication YVC-1000 Unified Communications Microphone & Speaker System for Microsoft Skype for Business
Part #: RL10-YVC1000MS-NA
Manufacturer: Yamaha
Mfr. SKU#: 10-YVC1000MS-NA

MSRP: $1,499.00
Price: $999.00

The YVC-1000 is the latest microphone speaker system from Yamaha, the market leader in web conference microphone speaker systems!

Sound Quality
The YVC-1000 provides high quality and realistic sound providing up to 95dB of volume. HVAD or Human Voice Activity Detection, filters all noise automatically, picking up only human voices in the conference room and eliminating other sounds such as the movement of paper, objects and noise associated with BYOD

Sound Processing Technologies:
• The "Adaptive echo canceller" enables stress-free conversation between two parties
Removes echoes generated when microphones pick up speaker-reproduced sounds. This function processes sounds of up to 20 kHz to create smoother conversation between two parties
•"Noise reduction" only conveys voices after filtering out and removing noises
The noise reduction function reduces or eliminates unwanted sounds such as those from projectors and air conditioners. Constant noise is removed from ambient sound picked up by the microphones to ensure listeners hear only clear voices.
•"Auto gain control" adjusts the volume to suit participants at different distances from the microphone
Optimizes the volume for loud and soft voices picked up through the microphone. Reduces volume differences at the end of the line caused by differences in distance or voice volume.
•"Reverb suppression" clearly conveys voices from spaces subject to echoes
This technology suppresses echo characteristics arising from room characteristics. Conveys clear voices to the end of the line even from spaces subject to echoes.
•"Auto room EQ" adjusts speaker-reproduced sounds
Automatically optimizes the quality of speaker-reproduced sounds according to the reverberation characteristics of the room. This ensures there is no need to adjust audio quality even if you use a different room.
•"Microphone array control" automatically tracks a person who is speaking
This technology automatically tracks the direction of the speaker's voice using a location detection function. Instead of responding to any random noise, it only collects human voices.

The YVC-1000 supports diverse connectivity for a variety of conferencing scenarios.
USB to PC via your network for Web Conferencing
Bluetooth to Smartphone via the telephone line for a teleconference
Audio In/Out to the Video Conference System via the network for a video conference

The YVC-1000 is fully expandable. The unit provides room for up to 5 microphones and 2 additional speakers with built-in amplifiers. The room size can then vary from a standard size of approximately 13ft x 16ft up to 30ft x 36ft depending on the audience or conference participants.
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