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Link 950 USB-C
Jabra Link 950 USB-C Switch
Part #: GN2950-79
Manufacturer: GN Netcom
Mfr. SKU#: 2950-79

Link 950 USB-C Link 950 USB-C
MSRP: $157.00
Price: $110.22

The Jabra Link 950 helps boost productivity by enabling you to use a USB headset, either with just the desk phone or with a desk phone and softphone. Choose from a wide range of corded and wireless USB headsets, and look for Bluetooth functionality if you also want the headset to connect to a mobile phone.

Use of the following Jabra headsets and accessories requires that the Link 950 Power Supply be plugged into the Power port of the Jabra Link 950:
•Jabra Evolve 40/80
•Jabra GN1000
•Jabra devices that are used with a connected Jabra Link 360 Bluetooth adapter
•In addition, as power would normally be supplied by a computer’s USB port, a power supply is required if connecting a USB headset to only a desk phone.
The Link 950 Power Supply can be purchased on the "Accessories" tab, below.
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Link 950 USB-C

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