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What are your 'Attitude Anchors'?

January 27th, 2020  •   Comments

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Jeff Toister, a thought leader in customer service, has shared an idea on his blog, in this post: Anchor your attitude, that may help after dealing with unhappy, difficult customers (or colleagues).

Find an "Attitude Anchor." Toister says they can help to neutralize negative feelings. By focusing on something positive, the "anchor" will help you to recover a positive attitude after difficult interactions.

You are then ready to deliver outstanding service to the next customer.

Toister suggests these as "Attitude Anchors:"
  • Pictures of family or friends
  • Inspirational (or funny) quotes
  • Upbeat music
  • Conversation with family or friends
  • Humor, including jokes and cartoons
  • Going for a walk
These are great suggestions! What do you recommend for an Attitude Anchor? Share your thoughts by clicking on the Comments tab, above.

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